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If you are unsure which grade to apply for, seek advice from your local CILT branch. Please give current grade if any.
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Number of years Experience in Logistics And/Or Transport
Current Job Title
Date Joined Organisation
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Which branch/Country holds your current membership
When did you last pay your annual subscription (Year)?
Which Branch/Country do you wish to belong to?
Please Note
With this application for membership please send a full Curriculum Vitae, copies of educational qualification certificates and a Continuing Professional Development statement giving full details as requested in the guidance notes at the base of this form. Correspondence to be sent to: (tick as appropriate).
Details of referees
(Three Institute members should recommend application for Chartered Fellowship, two members if applying for Chartered Membership and one if applying for Membership). I have read the particulars of this form which, to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true and recommend the candidate to the Council for election as a Member, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.
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I certify that the statements on this form are correct. I promise that in the event of my election to Chartered status I will observe the Code of Professional Conduct, will be governed by the Charter and Bye-laws of the Institute and will promote the objects of the Institute as far as shall be in my power. If at any time I desire to withdraw from the Institute, I will in accordance with Bye-law No. 21, after payments of all subscriptions or other sums due from me including any subscription for the current year, send my resignation in writing to the Secretary General and return therewith any certificates of membership held by me. A copy of the bye-laws may be obtained from your local section. An assessment fee is required to enable the membership grade to be confirmed by the CILT Assessment Panel. For details of the fee and method of remittance, please contact your local branch/country. Before signing please read the notes on the following page.
Do you agree
Date signed
In support of your application you need to submit: your Curriculum Vitae and Continuing Professional Development plan

What needs to be included with

your application.

1. Your current position – please

describe your job

• Your current job position and your

responsibilities in your organisation.

• Your current financial responsibilities, if


• The number of employees in your

organisation and separately the number

who report to you.

• The key objectives of the position that you

currently hold.

• Your responsibilities for decision making

and planning of resource allocation, and

financial decisions, including turnover

and budget etc in relation to logistics and


• To whom do you report? Your reporting

lines (if you wish attach a simple

organisation chart showing your position in

your organisation – include the number of


2 . Your career history

• Give brief details of previous companies,

job titles, dates of employment,

responsibilities, and any other relevant

information, including any notable

achievements, you consider should support

your application.

3 . Your education and training

• Describe University degree and subject(s)

taken (if any).

• Full details of other professional

qualifications (including name of the

institution or awarding body), dates,

and include copies of relevant

qualification certificates.

• Other courses and CPD (Continuing

Professional Development) you may

have taken.

• Enclose copies of relevant certificates.

4. Your Continuing Professional

Development plan

(i) As part of the process of applying for

Membership, Chartered Membership

and Fellowship, applicants must include

a 2 year CPD plan with their application.

Members of the Chartered Institute of

Logistics and Transport are required to

remain current with developments in

logistics and transport.

(ii) Suggestions for your CPD plan you may

wish to consider including:-

• Reading appropriate logistics and transport

news items, journals and publications

including CILT Branch and International

websites and using the internet to research

other logistics and transport news and


• Supporting local CILT Council or Section

through attendance at relevant meetings

and the AGM.

• Where possible attending conferences,

seminars and workshops on logistics and

transport including – but not exclusively –

those arranged by CILT – say once a year

as a minimum.

• Providing information to your peers on

current practices in logistics and transport.

• Doing a further qualification in logistics

and transport.

• Mentoring younger members.

Please see this CPD plan as an opportunity

to think about your own plans and not as a

burden. We suggest you keep a diary for self

assessment of your CPD achievements.

Do you Agree
Date Signed

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