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CILT Ghana Next Generation visits Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Ltd (BOST) and JK Horgle Transport Company Ltd

CILT GH NextGen recently embarked on a technical visit to Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) and JK Horgle Transport Limited in Tema, aimed at enhancing participants’ understanding of downstream petroleum logistics, supply chain, and transport operations.

During the visit, participants had the opportunity to observe and learn about various aspects of BOST’s logistics and supply chain operations. They were briefed on the intricacies of managing storage facilities, transportation of petroleum products, and ensuring operational efficiency and safety standards.

Additionally, lectures were delivered by BOST management on the values and skill sets required for a successful career in Ghana’s downstream petroleum sector. This provided valuable insights into the industry’s demands and expectations, equipping participants with knowledge and perspectives crucial for career advancement.

At JK Horgle Transport Limited, participants gained practical insights into transportation logistics, fleet management, and operational best practices. They learned about the challenges and opportunities in the transportation sector and how effective logistics and supply chain management contribute to overall business success.

Overall, the industrial visit deepened participants’ understanding of Ghana’s downstream petroleum logistics, supply chain, and transport operations. It provided them with real-world exposure to industry practices and challenges, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

CILT GH NextGen extends its sincere appreciation to the management teams of BOST and JK Horgle Transport Limited for their hospitality, valuable insights, and contributions towards making the industrial visit a success. Their willingness to share expertise and engage with participants is commendable and greatly appreciated.